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Shipping Policies:

 Yes, we can get your new baby to you and shipping is an easy process. We have different options available and will work to provide the best solution for you. We take care of ALL the arrangements!  Please call so we can discuss schedules and current pricing. 


We will simply need:

-Your full name (the name of the person to pick up the puppy)

-Home address

-Two (2) contact numbers

-The name of the closest major airport to you.


That is it!! We will set up the flight, and as soon as we get all of the information, we will contact you with your arrival time, flight number and a confirmation number.  

You will need to show a photo ID to pick up your new puppy! 

Puppies stay with their mother for a minimum of 8 weeks.


We ship to most major airports within the United States. Due to Covid., airline schedules fluctuate so please call for price and availability. We still have several options and can get your baby to you.

Yes, shipping is safe! If it wasn't we would never place one of our babies on a flight. We have flown puppies in the past with perfect success . There are maximum and minimum temperature limits placed by the airlines that can not be exceeded. If the temperature at your airport will exceed these limits other arrangements must be made. The puppies are usually ready to get out and play and get a bite to eat and drink when they arrive! Be careful ... puppy kisses are coming.


Because of the new USDA shipping laws on dogs and puppies a few things have changed.

We are registered with the State of Missouri as a Hobby/Show Breeder.  With our Hobby/Show License one of two simple things must occur to get your puppy. 


1. You or your designated representative must meet the puppy at or before time of purchase.


2. In order to purchase the puppy sight unseen and meet all USDA compliance guidelines the puppy must be used in one of the following categories:

A.~Working Dogs: generally refers to a dog being used for a specific purpose, such as herding, guarding, hunting, racing, sledding, etc.

B~Service Dog: therapy, personal protection/security, medical companion, etc.

C.~Showing and/or Breeding: to continue the bloodline


To purchase a puppy sight unseen (shipping) we must receive an email at detailing which category  (working, service, showing/breeding) for which you will be using the puppy.

If we fly your new puppy to you, he or she  will come with:

- Purchase Agreement with Health Guarantee 

~Health Certificate from Veterinarian

~Kennel Crate 

~Registration Application Papers

~Complete Health Record including all vaccinations, dewormings, etc.

- Some food he or she has been eating

- A toy with their mothers scent on it to make your baby more secure


    We will do everything possible to make getting your fur baby fun and easy

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