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Our Belief:

We believe in having only top-quality Show Dogs where our impressive performance in the Show Ring lets us know the Judges agree. Everyone has their passion in life and this is ours. The show status we demonstrate clearly shows our first priority is the Show Ring and the high quality we achieve for our furry family. On occasion we also allow some of our Show Dogs to have offspring, as you can see from our website we keep some babies for training in the Show Ring and others we offer to approved homes. These are registered babies raised with lots of love and consistently high standards of care. Each of our babies is a special gift and each one receives the best care and treatment available. 

We are driven by the joy and happiness each of our top-quality Show Dogs bring our family and on occasion we will share! 




We use three different registries for our show dogs. We use AKC (American Kennel Club,) APRI (American Pet Registry Inc.) and ACA (American Canine Association.) All registries ensure pure bred status for the pedigree only. Registries do not ensure the quality of individual, they simply ensure the breed pedigree. 



The quality of the individual will be reflected with ribbons and awards in the Show Ring and in genetic and health testing. We use OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Inc.)  which tests for dental, eyes, heart, elbows, patella, and hips to certify quality and no defects.  We also get testing and certifications from a genetic testing laboratory which performs a five panel genetic test along with ICH (Ichthyosis Mutation) testing for skin disorders. Many of our parents and Show Dogs have had this testing completed and others are awaiting their turn. All of our dogs that have completed the testing have good reviews that we will be happy to share with you upon request.


As you can see, we go the extra mile to ensure we have only the highest quality four legged family members. 

Double B Practices:

Proper Accomodations

First and foremost - we are very proud of our facilities as we provide large, clean, climate-controlled (air conditioned and heated) spaces for birth, nursing, growth, and play! Our number one goal is to ensure our Show Dogs and offspring are comfortable, loved, healthy, and happy. 


We have put in much time and expense to ensure our Show Dogs and fur babies are the best possible.

We Are Very Small-Scale 

We are registered with the State of Missouri as a Hobby/Show Kennel which is designed specifically for smaller situations such as ours. This fits us perfectly as we have few dogs and few litters. This is a passion for us and we will share a limited number of fur babies each year to approved homes.  We intentionally keep our operation small so we can devote daily love and care to each member of our four legged family. Since we are not a profit motivated operation, you can be certain you will be receiving the be highest quality baby from the highest quality parents available.

 Our dogs are truly part of our family.

Payment Methods

Venmo or Paypal is the best way we have found for everyone to feel safe and secure with the financial transaction. We gladly accept Paypal, Venmo or cash. We do not accept checks. If you do not have a Paypal account we will be happy to help you enroll. Paypal has done an excellent job of making it safe, quick and easy.

Health Conscious

All our dogs are current on all age-appropriate vaccinations and medical care. Your baby will come with a complete medical history record.  All our Show Dogs are checked regularly by a Veterinarian and all babies will be checked by our Veterinarian before leaving our home. This is one more step we take to ensure you receive exactly what you expect which is a happy, healthy baby.


Healthy puppies make happy puppies, and happy puppies make happy families!

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