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Happy Families and Pampered Companions

Kalli and her Sister

Kalli with her new best friend and family. Beautiful!!!

Koda ps

One very loved and spoiled big boy.

Tripp And His Airplane

Tripp is getting ready to go flying with his Mom and Dad in their own airplane. They say he loves to fly and is a very good passenger.

Backpack Baby

Little Stella getting a ride and loving life.

Little Charlie

Little Charlie enjoying his new family.

Toby and Family Fun

Toby with his new family. He is thinking..... 6 hands to pet me and life is good. :-)

Coda and Mom
Shhh.. Itsy Bitsy Sleeping

Shhh.. Itsy Bitsy is Sleeping.. Feel free to show this photo if anyone wants to know what spoiled looks like

Coosa and Dad
Happy Family

Early Christmas present.. Yes, I think they are HAPPY

Ginger at Christmas

Ginger was a great Christmas present and in Training for future Childrens Hospital Therapy Dog

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