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Happy Families and Pampered Companions

 Testimonial by Christi  (in the Union Station photo)

"So impressed with this breeder! This is the best puppy I could have asked for! Our little sheltie is so smart, sweet, loving, gentle, very healthy and not to mention very HANDSOME! I was nervous buying a puppy online from a breeder in another state but the whole experience with Tera and her husband Kevin was amazing, they are so knowledgeable and made the process easy and seamless! They are great people who really do love and care about each and every puppy! I HIGHLY recommend getting your puppy from them, you won't be disappointed!!"

Thanks Christi for your review/testimonial.

Remy and Family

Remy with new family.

New Love

Love at first sight.

Gucci and Family

Gucci with his forever Dad

Coosa and Dad

One year later, smiles.

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